Win10 ROG

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Original ISO Used :
File: en_windows_10_multiple_editions_version_1703_updated_june_2017_x64_dvd_10725021.iso
CRC-32: 2e5a7cff
MD4: 1ee510d438a5fb834d58f60a1d5f7297
MD5: 0701a27d897797b8022daebf94fe10d2
SHA-1: ab15a9cf175e8f0b8361b2d4f0ea560343b93fbe
Modded ISO Name:Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2017.ISO
Build Number:15063.483
Updated:Full July 2017
Features Enabled:Net 3.5
Size:4,21 GB (4.521.500.672 byte)
File: Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2017.iso
CRC-32: 898c24a9
MD4: 08ebb490b4131d0b01a495d912237eef
MD5: dfc788ff293bf35883b09fb7b691eb76
SHA-1: e63984ac94ccfd37c46bf7f468bb2fb63ff53c5d
Internet Explorer only Disabled that mean if you want you can enable it from Features in control panel…
Removed Apps:Contact/Xbox / DVR (issues with platformers )/OfficeHub/OneNote/E-**** app/Skype App/Colitaire Games/View
3D/Paint 3D/Mixed Reality/Communication Apps/
Insider Hub/Recorded Voice/Music Groove/sticky Notes/One Drive/Movies/Maps / Bing Maps/windows alarms/windows camera
Services Removed: Biometric/fingerpring/Errow Windows Reports/Tablet Touchs + Pins/SmartScreen disabled/UAC Disabled
Extra Modified Stuffs:
Themes:14 themes Asus/Rog (Default Themes:ROG Red)
Rainmeter:Red Asus ROG
Sounds:Asus New Sounds
Cursors:New Cursors Sets
StartOrb:ROG start Button
Start Menu visual:ROG Visual
OldNewExpler:This pc etc
Uxtheme Patcher
IconPack:Red Package
Aero Enabled
Services Mode:Black Viper Best Perfomance
Preinstallation Apps:Google Chrome/Vicual c++/Directx 9.0 Full/Silverlight/Winrar/7zip
Script Installation Apps First Log on:Cpuz ROG /FileZilla/Mozilla Firefox/K-Lite Code Pack Mega/Notepad ++/Skype / Unlocker/Vlc Player



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